Everything You Need to Know About The Weirdest Sexual Fetish Dating

woman with sex fetishIntimacy and sweet romance are nice, but being choked, hard pounded, or being spanked is even nicer. Sexual fetish dating is not about having a dirty mind, it is about having a sexy imagination. Believe me, there are a lot of fetish websites out there that can explain this to you more graphically. Fetish dating is all about hard pounding, back scratching, wrist tying, butt slapping, hair-pulling, lip biting and ear nibbling.


What is sexual fetish dating?


Allow me to decipher!!!

Fetishism is a word that dates back to the 1800s. It is used to refer to sexual fetish; a condition in which a person through a repetitive or persistent use of non-living objects, a living object, or specific focus on a certain part of a body to achieve orgasm or sexual satisfaction. It is the obsessive interest and often explains the sexual fixation of an individual on inanimate objects. With that said, I am sure you are probably wondering what is the explanation for sexual fetish dating? Here are some of the explanations for fetish dating that might not be found on fetish dating sites.

Some of the sexual satisfaction methods that is common to many includes couples love kissing, men love boobs, and others have foot fetishes. But why is it that some people are attracted to armpits or your nose, but some aren’t? There has to be an underlying reason why people get attracted to certain objects or body parts.

Let us quickly dive in!!


  1. Foot fetishes

Your feet are the most fetished part of the body across the globe. This is an awkward body part yet it is still the most fetished; you can’t have sex with a foot, and some foot have major fungus down there. According to scientists, the sensation in your feet and your genital organs both transmit impulses to the same location of your brain. Another theory states that foot fetish became a thing during the STD outbreak and people used it as an alternative to arousal.


  1. The perception that oral sex in keeping your virginity and preventing unwanted pregnant.

The perception of oral sex being a win-win for both partners without consequences of pregnancy and loss of virginity has escalated the practice. Oral sex has evolved from generations to generations. It is important to note that, it is not a genetic trait, but the benefits of safer pregnancies. Another myth holds that the best way to get acquainted with your future partner is to taste it and eat it. These fetish dating perceptions have passed on across the globe in various generations.


  1. Theories on the female climax

The female orgasm is different from the male climax in that many women can have multiple orgasms at once. For women orgasm was an incentive once her; 1st, 2nd and 3rd partner was done. This theory has promoted the belief of multiple sex partners at a row to achieve different orgasms in a row. It has explained the word 3-some and 2-some or 4-some. It is seen as rewarding the lady with multiple orgasms.


  1. Explanation of kissing

Scientists are the school of thought that when you kiss someone, nerve O will pick up their pheromones which in turn sends impulses to the whole body to send blood to your genitals. Kissing is so significant and it is a biological process that allows you to access your partner’s immune system. Kissing influences the decision of you or your partner to have sex.

With that said, you now know some of the reasons for sexual fetishes have occurred. It is important that you understand a list of the weirdest sexual fetish dating out there.

Weirdest Sexual Fetishes Out There


Some of the weirdest sexual fetishes may blow or not blow your mind. Let’s dive in!!


  1. Adult babies


adult babies fetishAdult babies for those couples in fetish dating and are interested in being babies again will have a sexual fetish for adult babies. They may be aroused with the act of wearing diapers, sucking the baby bottle, dressing up as a baby, speaking like a baby, or crawling like a baby instead of walking. Such individuals usually seek to be noticed, or they wish to escape from the many activities of their life.


  1. Group sex and Swinging of partners

The swinging of partners is common amongst married couples where there are full consent and permission. This is where partners will indulge in sex with one or different couples. The explanations and reasons for group sex or swinging of partners are to, allow their husbands to view their wives in a different perspective, boost the woman’s confidence, and strengthen the relationship. It is important to note that such couples psychologically are jealous, have trust issues, and are suffering from low-self esteem.


  1. Cross-dressing your partner

This involves dressing your partner in clothes of the opposite sex. It even involves doing facials and make-ups to your partner. This is a common weird sexual fetish among couples. It is greatly seen in gay men and intersexual couples. The reasons for cross-dressing is that the partner does not believe that the specific gender they were born into presents who they really are. They may be aroused at a forbidden concept or they enjoy the various aspects of fashion.


  1. Fetish Spanking

If contact is made to the buttocks with sufficient frequency and pressure, it creates arousal for many women. But spanking might also aroused mixed reactions like taking you back to your childhood, make you feel humiliated,  loved,  turn you on, or can be symbolic to represent the whole submission and domination concept in the relationship.


  1. Role-playing between you and your partner

Role-playing is a sexual fantasy that involves sexual partners assumes and take up different roles in a sexual scenario, it may also involve dressing up in costumes. Role-playing is aimed at satisfying a specific sexual fetish dating fantasy.


  1. Submission and Domination

From the handcuffs sold at a women’s boutique to the sexual fetish dungeon setup, is all a fetish move that aims at driving the concept of submission and domination. One partner may be aroused by dominating and another by submission.


  1. Foot fetishes

Your feet are the most fetished part of the body across the globe. This is an awkward body part, yet it is still the most fetished;


  1. Quickie at the beach

Many couples have many fantasies of making love at the beach, or on the sand.


From the above interesting fact, it is true that in fetish dating, there exist various weirdest sexual fetishes that range from adult babies to domination and submission. The next time you are out and about, take a good look around you. It is difficult to imagine that most of the serious people actually have weird sexual fetishes.