How To Navigate Through Dating People With Fetishes and Make It Your New Thing

woman with sex fetishesYou might think that you are not the type of person that would ever consider dating people with fetishes, but you also might surprise yourself. This is a situation that many people find themselves in and it can be intimidating and also exhilarating at the same time.

If you are interested in something new or if you want to take your sex life to a whole new level, then this can be an awesome type of dating experience worth trying. There are some fantastic fetish sites out there to get you started, or you just might find that going in with an open mind opens endless possibilities.

It May Get You Outside Of Your Comfort Zone—And It’s Okay


You may have only been in a traditional dating situation. You may not have even necessarily been searching out fetish sites but somehow found yourself there. You may have been turned on by the thought of it, but never thought you would actually follow through with it. Whatever your circumstance, this can be a whole new side of you and type of dating.

When you start dating people with fetishes you want to go in with an open mind. You want to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. If you can get a little uncomfortable and try something new, it may lead to a really satisfying sexual experience. It may turn you onto somebody really great, or it may turn you towards some interesting dating situations.

Whatever the case may be, you want to allow yourself to try something new. You don’t go into this with preconceived notions or telling yourself that it’s wrong somehow. If you go in with that attitude, then you won’t get as much out of this as you could. This is a new person with new interests and it could represent a new opportunity or even new lifestyle for you.

Know That Fetishes Are Far More Common Than You Think


What you will find when you date people in this capacity is that this is not an uncommon sexual interest. The many different fetishes out there are not at all uncommon. Though they never used to be talked about, they are all out in the open. They may seem unusual to you at first but recognize that they can uncover a wide new sexual world.

People have different things that turn them on, and as long as that happens then fetishes will exist. When you check out the many fetish sites out there, it will become evident that this is not as unusual as you might think. This can offer you a bit of comfort and encourage you to just go with it.

Recognize Where You Find People With Similar Interests


Here’s the thing—there are far more fetish sites than you can possibly imagine! If you want to find somebody who can match you sexually, then all you have to do is get serious with the online dating. There is virtually a site for every fetish, every sexual interest, and every possible sexual scenario possible.

This may be a whole new world to you, and you may not have even been looking for it. Pleasant surprises can come your way when you make the decision to go into dating people with fetishes and see what happens. If you are outright looking for it on a site then that’s one thing, you will ultimately get what you want. This may not always be the situation though and it may turn you onto all new things.

If you happen to date somebody in this niche though by chance, then see that this whole new world can be exciting. You can find people with similar interests moving forward. You could be turned onto things that you like that you never even were in tune to.

You could also find an exciting long term dating situation that breaks all the rules. It’s really easy to find new partners with similar interests. If this type of dating is new to you or happened to you by chance, then see it for the exciting opportunity that it can be. Then you may have a better understanding of what you want in the future and go for it with a whole new partner!

Be Prepared To Openly Discuss What You’re Into—And Go For It


What a lot of people find when dating people with fetishes is that it can tend to unleash their “inner freak” so to speak. If you are going into this new experience and dating somebody who has some very real and unique interests, then it’s time to speak to yours. It’s time to let go of what you think you should do and go for what you really want.

new sex lifeIt’s a unique dating situation when you start seeing somebody who is so open sexually speaking. This may help to bring you out of your shell. If you’re not afraid to date somebody with these unique interests, then this can be an excellent time to bring out your own. This can be the time to speak up to what you want, and it may be the only time that you’ve actually gotten it to this point.

This can open a whole new world to you, one that you never really gave much consideration. If you are open minded and also free to speak to what you want and what gets you hot, then this can turn you onto some pretty awesome new sexual things. You never know until you try and you may discover that you have fetishes or special sexual interests that you never even explored before.

When you go into dating people with fetishes, you might think that this isn’t you at all. You might feel that this is definitely for other people, but that you like this person and the excitement that they bring. What you may discover very quickly though is that this turns you onto a whole new sex life.

You may very well get to experience new things and find that you are into more things than you thought. This can be an amazing transition and really help to awaken your sexuality in a really exciting way!



Make Your Fantasy Come True Through Fetish Sites

heels fetishWhile there are countless fetish sites, one might find it difficult to select the right community for his specific preferences. This is because often these fetish dating sites attempt to attract many more users, in order to become popular. These results in a site with many different preferences that actually makes it harder for a person to find what he is looking for.

However, there are some websites that have maintained their initial identity. This way, it is much easier for anyone to find people with the same interests. Being in a community with clear desires and fantasies, makes fetish hookup a much easier task. According to your fetish preferences, look for the ideal dating site and meet women and men with no first date shame and awkwardness.



The name says it all! If you are a young man seeking for an older woman, or a mature woman looking for a young man, this is the best of all fetish sites. This is a new website. The number of users is still small, although it is a site worth visiting. Start your online dating and make your MILF fantasy come true. This is one of the few dating sites that has only one category and remains true to its cause.


This site has been created in Germany and serves both national and international users. Among several special fetish sites, is here to match women from all over the world with men who prefer to dress like women. This website finds the nearest persons that are also interested in the same fantasy game. You can find a lady boy among thousands of users for a hookup, a friendship or even marriage.


This is another fetish site that serves one single purpose. Adults who enjoy wearing diapers from all over the world meet in this online community. This dating site includes diapers, plastic pants, rubber diaper covers and any other preferred type of baby clothing. Unlike other kinds of fetish, adult baby/diaper lovers –or else AB/DL- find it very hard to find people who share the same interests. is here with more than 30.000 members, in order to bring them together and enable them to enjoy their fantasies and sexual taste.


Another fetish dating site, created to bring together all high heels or foot fetish. For all women interested in being worshiped and all men interested in this fetish hookup, is the ideal place. Women who love wearing high heels and showing off their feet visit the community. Men who worship these women are also here. Expand your most inner fantasies with people that truly understand your needs and are in position to help you out.

All these dating sites serve one, exclusive fetish desire. This is why they are mostly preferred by individuals that want to feel free to say exactly what they have in mind. Arrange a hookup with no shame and embarrassment.


Popular Fetishes on Fetish Dating Sites

SubmissionThere is a fetish for just about everything, and everyone has their own fetishes and sexual fantasies. However, there are some fetishes that are more common than others, so there are specialized fetish sites. Here are some of the most popular fetishes online today.

  1. Foot Fetish

Stand-up comedians and sitcoms have been making fun of people who do not like the look of lady’s breasts for years. While these jokes make foot fetishes look like kinky, it’s not as kinky as you may think. A foot fetish is the fixation on the foot and can include stockings and shoes. There are many desires that can be covered by a foot fetish. If you have a foot fetish, you should make sure that you have an open talk about what you want to do, and what is okay with your partner.

  1. Latex

This is not about latex condoms. It is a fetish about latex clothing that is skin tight, which can also include vinyl and rubber. Many times, latex is grouped into a BDSM fetish because most BDSM clothing is made from either latex or vinyl. However, they are two fetishes that just happen to share the love of the same clothing materials. Caring for the latex is important since they are expensive pieces, which can cause infections or skin issues if they are not cleaned correctly. Keeping them clean and dry will help them last a long time.

  1. BDSM and Domination and Submission

This is one of the best-known fetishes around the world, mainly thanks to many books and movies. Even though, there is a major difference between domination and submission and BDSM, many times the two are grouped together. Domination and submission is a willing power exchange, where the dominant partner controls the submissive partner. The level of domination and submission usually depends on the relationship.

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. Domination and submission does play a role in BDSM, but it’s not the only part of this fetish. There are many types of BDSM fetishes, which can cross-over into other fetishes.

  1. Hair

Latex FetishHair fetishes are more common than you would think and most people have a preferred hair color for their partner. For many people, playing with hair is very sensual since it has a unique texture and could become a fetish. The same is true with hair pulling because there are a lot of nerves in the scalp.

  1. Butts and Breasts

Okay, these are common turnons, but there are people who care for them more or have problems getting off without having what they consider the perfect one. For some people, this could be large breasts or butts. This is one of the more acceptable fetishes in daily life since most people are also turned on by these body parts. Many people with these fetishes are pickier about who they date, but this does help in the long run because they can fulfill their needs without having to look to other women or porn.

There are many more fetishes that you can find on fetish dating sites. Everyone has their own fetishes, so it could be as simple as preferring one type of lingerie or a part of a body.


Simple Guide for Fetish Dating

A whole lot of people do not seem to understand the fetish dating scenery, and this causes them to make so many mistakes. fetish dating guideWhen you find someone on the fetish dating sites, you cannot ask for sex right away, as it would be rude and uncouth. In as much the fetish dating seems to be quite extreme, the people involved still have moral values and self respect. As such, they also expect to get the same respect from anyone who interacts with them.

Strange enough, most of the people who are into fetish dating seem to be quite choosy and they may not interact with just anyone that comes their way. This means that you have to be quite strategic when approaching singles on BDSM dating sites. There are a number of things that you should bear in mind so as to make the process a success.

The first and most important thing in fetish dating is the initial topic that you will use for your approach. Do not be fooled to use the common pickup lines that you have collected from the internet. Remember that most of these people are usually online and may have come across these lines. Instead of using such lines, you can engage the person is a meaningful conversation that will give you an avenue to get to know the interest of the person you wish to date.

It is true that BDSM dating is quite exciting, but you should never compromise your safety, for whatever reason. The pain inflicted during the sex escapades should not be a threat to your safety. You do not want to get severely hurt in the name of enjoying bondage dating. This goes also for the online conversations that you will have on the dating sites. You should not put your life at risk, just to fulfill your sexual fantasies.

When you finally agree to meet with your date, should not go into any bondage sessions on the first date. Take your time to know the person and get comfortable with them before engaging in any bondage sessions. Fetish dating may trigger some excitement, but you should learn to control your emotions and not rush things. You should try and engage the person to gauge their personality away from the fetish site.

If there is a second date and you have both agreed to have a bondage session, it should be on light and not hardcore. This is a great way to break the tension and make you comfortable with your partner. When you get to a mutual agreement in terms of comfort, you can gradually advance to higher levels of the hardcore bondage.

These few tips should help you make the most of your fetish dating experience and avoid costly mistakes.