The Secret World of Sexual Fetishes

  1. Cross-Dressing

TOP 10 sexual fetishesFolks that engage in cross-dressing wear clothing and accesories of the “opposite gender.” Cross-dressing is actually a pretty common fetish, mostly among straight and gay men. People engage in cross-dressing for various reasons, some may use it as a means of dealing with gender dysphoria, while others just enjoy it! Cross-dressing also has a long history, in the UK, male prostitutes would often wear wigs or mops to appear as the opposite gender. Cross-dressing also can be seen in television as far back as the show MASH, with the character clinger!


  1. Foot/Feet Worship

This is by far the most common fetish that doesn’t involve genitalia . People who have foot fetishes enjoy a variety of things about the human foot. Some enjoy to massage, others enjoy licking, and some enjoy smelling! The foot secretes many hormones and each persons foot smells unique, which is why there is such a huge market for used socks! EBay actually had to ban the sale of used socks because it was deemed a “biological hazard,” but the sock trade and foot fetish is alive and well!


  1. Spanking


Spanking is exactly how it sounds, being smacked on the rear. This fetish is pretty common and you can search many sites to find a video if your interested in engaging in it! Spanking is a light form of BDSM, some think it stems from the erotic nature of being disciplined by your partner or being the one doing the spanking!


  1. Water Sports


Water Sports is a newer fetish, started in the gay community when a man decided to jump into a large urinal to let folks urinate on him. It took off from there! Water Sports is often just abbreviated as WS, WS is more common in the gay community, but can be enjoyed by anyone. We do recommend that you do use some kind of barrier or engage in WS in the bathroom, as urine can get into a lot of spaces. Some people enjoy being urinated on, while some enjoy drinking the urine of someone else, it all falls under the category of water sports!


  1. Voyeurism/Exhibitionist


Some research suggest one in three people enjoy engaging in voyeurism, which is watching someone else have sex or exposing them selves in public. The person who is doing the act of exposing their selves is called an exhibitionist! This common fetish is also illegal in most countries, labeled as indecent exposure! While it may be illegal, it has not stopped people from enjoying this fetish. You can go to sex clubs and experience voyeurism yourself, if you dare you can even partake in exhibitionism as well!


  1. Bug Chasers


This fetish is not as well known as others, it is when an individual purposely seeks out others who are infected with a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI). The most common STI sought out by Bug Chasers is HIV, Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and it is more common in the gay community. Often people who are Bug Chasers romanticize the virus and see it as one would see being bitten by a vampire! Bug Chasers who wish to be infected with HIV will set up gang bangs and allow people living with HIV to have unprotected sex with them, these gang bangs are called Pozzing Parties! We do not recommend engaging in this fetish because HIV can be a deadly disease if not treated.


  1. Stealthing


Similar to Bug Chasing, but slightly different because stealthing is the act of purposely infecting others with HIV. Stealthing is also highly illegal! An individual who is HIV positive and does not adhere to medical treatment can infect someone with HIV. This fetish is common among both the heterosexual and homosexual community. Often the “stealther” finds it erotic to make more people positive or just has it out to make as many people positive as they can. Most people who engage in this fetish ae males, but there are females as well.


  1. Sexual Role Play


This fetish can involve putting on a costume or acting as someone different with your partner! “Knock Knock, Pizza Delivery!” This can be a fun way to spice up your bedroom and explore different erotic pleasures! We strongly recommend trying it out! Keep those Halloween costumes or head down to your local sex store to buy that French maid outfit! Role Play is what you make it, so use your imagination to its fullest!


  1. Scat Play


Scat Play involves human feces. If anyone remembers the famous “Two Girls One Cup” video, then that is an example of Scat Play! People who enjoy this fetish are a small minority of the fetish community, they focus on the object of feces. The can get pleasure from someone defecating on them or eating feces, while others get pleasure from doing the defecating on someone. While you would think this is common in the gay community, more heterosexual men enjoy this fetish than any other group. Research is limited on this fetish, but it is common knowledge that females and males secret different hormones and this may be the basis for this fetish, similar albeit more extreme than those who enjoy foot worship.


  1. Furry Fetish


Furry FetishThis may not be what you’re thinking if you have the image of someone worshiping a man with a fuzzy chest! This community is large and growing each day! A Furry is a person who has taken on the identity of an animal for sexual play. They go all out, buying expensive costumes of animals such as foxes, wolves, dogs, dragons, and many other animals! There are many different slang words in the community such as “Yiffy,” which means erotic or sexually aroused. Other slang words like “Furfen,” which means someone who is a furry fan! They even have a word that may describe you “Latent Furry,” someone who did not know of the existence of the furry community that would like to join! If not then they would just describe you as a “Smoothie,” or a human (smooth because of your lack of fur). Furrcons, furry conventions, are a great way to get involved in the community and they are becoming more common!

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