Popular Fetishes on Fetish Dating Sites

SubmissionThere is a fetish for just about everything, and everyone has their own fetishes and sexual fantasies. However, there are some fetishes that are more common than others, so there are specialized fetish sites. Here are some of the most popular fetishes online today.

  1. Foot Fetish

Stand-up comedians and sitcoms have been making fun of people who do not like the look of lady’s breasts for years. While these jokes make foot fetishes look like kinky, it’s not as kinky as you may think. A foot fetish is the fixation on the foot and can include stockings and shoes. There are many desires that can be covered by a foot fetish. If you have a foot fetish, you should make sure that you have an open talk about what you want to do, and what is okay with your partner.

  1. Latex

This is not about latex condoms. It is a fetish about latex clothing that is skin tight, which can also include vinyl and rubber. Many times, latex is grouped into a BDSM fetish because most BDSM clothing is made from either latex or vinyl. However, they are two fetishes that just happen to share the love of the same clothing materials. Caring for the latex is important since they are expensive pieces, which can cause infections or skin issues if they are not cleaned correctly. Keeping them clean and dry will help them last a long time.

  1. BDSM and Domination and Submission

This is one of the best-known fetishes around the world, mainly thanks to many books and movies. Even though, there is a major difference between domination and submission and BDSM, many times the two are grouped together. Domination and submission is a willing power exchange, where the dominant partner controls the submissive partner. The level of domination and submission usually depends on the relationship.

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. Domination and submission does play a role in BDSM, but it’s not the only part of this fetish. There are many types of BDSM fetishes, which can cross-over into other fetishes.

  1. Hair

Latex FetishHair fetishes are more common than you would think and most people have a preferred hair color for their partner. For many people, playing with hair is very sensual since it has a unique texture and could become a fetish. The same is true with hair pulling because there are a lot of nerves in the scalp.

  1. Butts and Breasts

Okay, these are common turnons, but there are people who care for them more or have problems getting off without having what they consider the perfect one. For some people, this could be large breasts or butts. This is one of the more acceptable fetishes in daily life since most people are also turned on by these body parts. Many people with these fetishes are pickier about who they date, but this does help in the long run because they can fulfill their needs without having to look to other women or porn.

There are many more fetishes that you can find on fetish dating sites. Everyone has their own fetishes, so it could be as simple as preferring one type of lingerie or a part of a body.