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Overview is the largest fetish social network in the world because it offers its services for free, so this way it managed to attract an incredible number of users in time. Just like on Facebook, people can share their photos and activities here and make new friends every single day. You could easily find an online fetish community or fetish group that matches your interests on this site. Singles and couples may find many “online kinky friends” here as well, with whom they can fulfill their intimate fantasies. But when it comes to a real date, you need to spend more time to really get to know the person you want to meet. There is always the risk of stumbling upon scammers and profiles with fake information on a free social network, so you need to be careful about it.



You can share with the rest of the site’s members photos and details of you, plus info about what you like and what you’re interested it. Even though the site’s purpose is to connect people with fetishes, it still works pretty much like any other social network. If on other social media sites you talk about cars or other hobbies, here you can discuss the most intimate aspects of your life and no one will judge you. In fact, it is even recommended to do so if you want to meet people that have the same interests as you.


As mentioned earlier, there are various groups and communities that formed on this site around a particular interest or fetish. By browsing the site you may find the particular groups that discuss aspects you agree on or subjects you enjoy debating. By joining those groups you can easily find people that think in the same way you do and you can end up dating and hooking up with the right persons.

Groups and Communities

Because this fetish site has so many members already, it is only normal for these people to want to form groups, driven and united by the same interests. Because it is a site about fetishes, these groups and communities are usually formed around a particular fetish, which brings people together by using a primary interest. The best part is that anyone can create a group here around a particular fetish or interest, but it is rather difficult to find a new subject for a group here, since there are over 100,000 groups already. But, don’t worry, because if you don’t have an idea for starting a group, you can join any of the many that can be found here and have fun.

Upcoming events

Besides the fact that the site satisfies the desire for fetishes, it is a social network by all means. This will also include notifications about upcoming events, so you will know what is happening out in the world at all times. Of course, this may not be the regular kind of events you are used to seeing on other social networks, but this is why FetLife is so fun, because everything about it is kinky.

Blog posts

A website is not complete without a blog and blog posts, and is not making an exception from this rule. Again, these will be blog posts that interest people with various fetishes, providing spicy details that can improve your intimate life and other interesting info from the fascinating world of fetishes, plus various experiences other members had.



Do you have some fetishes on your own and would like to find people to enjoy them with? The best part about is that everything is entirely free on the fetish site. You don’t have to pay a penny to enjoy everything this fetish social network has to offer, this is why it ended up being appreciated by so many people out there. And when you join a site that has so many members, it only means that it will be easier to find people that share the same interests with you.

Run by kinksters fits fetish communities so well because it is run by kinksters, who understand and know what is needed by people who have kinks. So this is definitely a positive aspect, probably one of the reasons that helped this site become so popular.


No verification system

Since everything is free on this site, there are no systems to verify the validity of the information on someone’s profile or to spot if there are any fake profiles or scammers online. Practically, anyone can make a profile on this site as pleased, since no one will check them out. So you should be careful who you choose to date.

Search system is simple

The search system is simple but very broad, as there are no advanced search features that will help you narrow your search results. So, looking for what you need may be a rather time consuming process.

So many ads

Another disadvantage of free fetish dating sites is that they contain very many ads. Since the members are not required to pay anything, the site does its best to attract funds from elsewhere, which means that they will allow various companies to post ads on the site, for a particular fee. But this can be rather bothering if there are too many.


People always liked free things and never hesitated to take advantage of enjoying them each time they got the chance. But when it comes to fetish dating, getting it for free may not be such a good thing. One of the aspects you need to consider is that there won’t be a professional team to block scammers on a free website. So if you want to hook up with singles or couples found on the site, you should think well if you are going to be safe if you go out on your own.

To webmasters, FetLife is just a tool for advertisement. They require no fee from members so they can attract more in, but instead they will use the space on the site for ads, which are their primary source of income.

All in all, it is still a good social network for kinky singles and couples in search for a fun way to kill some time. A one night stand fetish hookup can indeed happen on the site now and then, if people manage to find the right partners who turn out to be real and not fake.

But if you really want a serious fetish partner, we always recommend trying out, a dating site for people with kinks that offers members safety and high-quality services.



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