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Overview is one of the oldest fetish dating sites in the online environment. Struggling in the kinky dating market for more than 10 years, it managed to attract during its entire activity more than 1 million fetish singles and couples. If you are looking to find a BDSM or fetish date, this is the place to start looking. But it has never been a well-known dating site due to the simple features available here and it’s rather slowly updating. We would have liked to see more features and faster services in order to offer this kink site a better ranking. This is why we ended up ranking it only as No.5 in our top fetish sites.


For start, you can enjoy the services and features of for free. The site allows members to sign up for free and enjoy a free membership as well. Of course, don’t expect to have all the features available if you opt for the free membership, so it really depends on what you’re expecting to get. But, you can upgrade your standard membership to a premium one anytime you want, by paying the fees as following:

• Premium membership for 3 days for $7.94;
• Premium membership for 1 month for $29.93;
• Premium membership for 3 months for $39.97;


There are several features the site offers to make fetish dating a bit more exciting. Some of them are available for free, while others are available only for premium members. The features present on this BDSM site are:

• You can create a profile that contains several pieces of personal information and a photo;
• You can view the profiles of other members, couples or singles looking for fetish partners, to determine whether you are compatible with them or not;
• You can start a list where you’ll write down all the members you like;
• Search options are general for users with a standard profile, while premium members get to enjoy advanced search options that narrow down the list of potential matches;
• If you are a standard member, if you like someone all you can do is show your interest
• If you are a premium member, in case you find someone you like, you can use features like the mailbox, BDSM chat, and IM. And, as an additional feature, you will also be able to see who is online;
• Technical support via telephone is available only for premium members, while standard members will have to contact the support team via e-mail and wait a while to get an answer;
• With a premium membership, you will get to check out the photos of other members, hide your profile if you want, and check out who viewed you profile;


• A profile can be blocked in case the address does not match the IP address of a user. So yes, there are few scammers out there, but they will be found due to this verification system, which makes the site scam-free as much as possible.


• Unfortunately videos can’t be uploaded, so you’ll just have to be content with the photos you find on each member’s profile;
• There is no video chat, so you can only hope that the person you are about to date is going to look like in the photos displayed on the profile. Plus, online chatting makes things more interesting, something that is not available on this site.
• The customer service is rather poor. If you are a standard member, you don’t get too much support or the solutions you are looking to get come delayed. Even as a premium member, we can’t say that the customer service excels.


There are more and more couples and singles looking to join fetish hookups. Since the number of fetishes and kinks is extremely large, everybody having something in particular that turns them on, the presence of fetish sites only stirs up things in this domain. Also, more and more dating websites are providing an increasing number of professional services for their clients. Competition on the fetish dating market is getting stronger, kink sites emerging as a response to the large demand for such online services.

But we could not see the efforts of to make it to the top. The monotonous interface and simple features never changed, remaining the same as we know them for years. It has lost very many users in recent months because of this. If there is no initiative from the site’s management team, we could very well see the end of soon enough. The site will practically have no chance against the many sites that struggle hard to provide outstanding services, even in this niche, if things won’t change fast and radical on the site. It would be a shame to lose one of the oldest fetish dating sites in this domain, but you cannot flow against the current of the market if you’re not doing something about it.



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