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Overview was the first fetish dating site that was released. It was released in 1997 and was a professional service for people who were into BDSM and fetish. Today, is not only the best fetish website online; it also is leading website for BDSM and kinky dating.

The success and popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey” led to people around the world being more open-minded about kinks and BDSM. Today, there are people from all around the world on, and the site now offers its service in different languages. has the highest amount of members of any fetish sites online, which are over 5 million members who are looking for hook-ups and relationships.

Price & Features

The cost of a standard membership is free. There are limited features available to members with this type of membership. You can search other members and look at their profiles. You can also create your own profile, but you are limited in the information that you can submit.

A silver membership is 19.95 per month to as low as $8.95 if you pay for a year at one time. This membership allows you view other people’s profiles and contact them. Your profile is also displayed near the top of the search results. You can watch videos and live streams that other users have posted. Lastly, you have access to the blogs and groups that are on, but your features will be limited.

A gold membership is $29.95 monthly. You can also prepay for 3 months for $59.97 and get a free month, or 12 months for $161.10 and receive 6 extra months for free. When you are a gold member, you have all the features of a silver member, plus some extras. You have full access to all of the content on the website. You have the privilege to contact new members first, so you can also receive the contact information for people in your network.

Other features that you can pay for include highlight listings and access to all the BDSM movies. You will need to have a paid account to access these other paid features. Highlight Listings will make your profile and emails stand out with a brightly colored box. The BDSM movies allow you to enjoy any of the movies that are on

Unique Features has some of the most unique features available for their premium members. These features can help you connect with other members. Here are some of the unique features that offers.

Kink Searches and Fetish Checklist
Since is a kinky dating site, this is one of the obvious features to have. This feature makes it easy to find people who have the same fetishes and kinks as you do, so you can enjoy your time using the website.

Upload Videos to Your Profile
This is one of the features that are not on most dating sites. This is one of the ways that is different from other fetish sites. This can make your profile even more attractive, but only premium members can see the videos that are on your profile. You can also watch other peoples’ videos if you have a premium membership.

Sharing Your Activities is a hybrid of a dating site and a social media page. This means that you have the option to share videos and photos, even if they do not relate to kinks or fetishes. Other members can like and comment on your posts.

This is a great option if you are trying to find members who are local to you or who have similar interests. If you cannot find a group that fits your needs, you can create your own group and invite members to join.

Live Chats and Webcams
Live chats and webcams are features that most of the top dating sites offer today. Even Facebook is offering a live webcam or live streaming features. On, both features are available. You can easily contact other members to chat if they agree to chat.

Videos and Movies
You will need to have an upgraded account to watch the videos and movies that are on There is a mixture of professional content, and user made content. This is great, especially if you are looking for something to do or for new ideas.

Filter Your Content
One of the best features on is that you can filter the content that you see when you log into the website. This will save you embarrassment if someone happens to look at your smartphone screen or walk by your computer at the wrong time.


• offers 10 languages to pick from
• -You can easily setup a livestream or upload videos to your profile
• -They have some of the best security on their network to help protect your information.


• -Android users may find it hard to use because there is no app at the moment.
• -There are a small number of people on who are under 30.


With all the features that offers, it is no wonder that it is still one of the top fetish dating sites online. Unlike other dating sites, is not just about BDSM dating. They offer singles and couples a place to search for others who are into the some kinks and be able to talk to them. It is not all about the dating part of a relationship. is more likely Facebook than a true dating site.

Compared to other fetish sites, does have a limited amount of people who are below 30. This does seem to be changing because more people now know about BDSM and kinks. However, should take some time to market to the 20 to 30 age range. With all the features that are offered by, it would be easy to market to this age range, so it would be easy to build a larger community of younger members. Other than that is the best option for online fetish sex hookups.



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