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AdultFriendFinder is one of the largest online adult dating sites in the world. The world has become liberal, and as such, fetish sites have been on the rise, but AdultFriendFinder has so many amazing features that make it stand out from the rest. If you are interested in fetish dating, this is the right place to find your partner, since there are over 50 million people with diverse interests. The singles, as well as couples who are looking for fetish sites, will find this to be the best option.

There are all sorts of people, with different interests and as such, this will be the right platform to fulfill all your desires. All your fantasies will be fulfilled through this site. You will get all manner of hookups that you would expect from online dating. This is your perfect opportunity to bring out the wild nature in you.

Features & Price

There are different packages on AdultFriendFinder, and each one of them has a whole lot to offer. Here are the main packages and the features that each one has to offer for those who are looking for fetish hookups:

Standard Membership
If you are new to fetish sites, this would be a good place to start. The features in the package are:

• Free registration and creation of the profile.
• You will get access to customer support through email, with all queries being addressed promptly.
• There is an option of a live webcam, allow one at a time.
• You will have a hotlist that has 200 members, which will be a good starting point for kinky dating sites.
• If you become famous on the website, there are a number of privileges that you will earn.

Gold Membership
This is an upgraded package and has a wide array of features to offer to those who are interested in fetish dating online. The main features are:

• You will be able to initiate an advanced search and filter your list of potential matches.
• You can view complete profiles of all the members at your discretion.
• Initiate, receive and reply to messages.
• You will view full length videos and full-sized photos.
• Get to send friend requests and flirts.
• Your hotlist will have 1000 members.
• Customer support will be offered through phone calls
• Get access to various groups and photos
• Upload videos and photos at will.

This is more than what most of the fetish sites have to offer and you will get a whole lot of other advanced and unique features.

Price Plans for the Gold Membership
If you want to get the best of a dating site, then the Gold plan would be the right way to go. There are different payment plans and you can choose the one that suits your needs in the best way possible. Here are the payment plans:

• For a 1 month subscription, you will pay $20.
• For 3 months pay $60, quarterly at $20 per month.
• For 12 months, you will pay $15 per month, the total is $180, billed yearly.

Unique Features

AdultFriendFinder is really advanced and the other dating sites cannot match the services that it has to offer. There are a number of unique features that are specifically for this site and meant to improve the overall dating experience. Here are the unique features:

Advanced Search: This is a feature that will allow you to narrow down your search and the list of potential matches. As such, you will find the ones who have similar interests. This is a filter search option, which will show you the people who are compatible with your interests. This reduces the search time you will spend on the kinky dating sites.

Hot or Not: This is a rating feature that allows you to add the hot members to your hotlist. This is according to your preferences and this is a feature that you may not find on other fetish sites.

Blogs: If you want to share your thoughts and express your opinion on websites or any other thing, there is a feature for a personal blog. This is close and restricted to members with similar interests.

Contests: When you look at the other BDSM dating sites, you will not find this feature. With the contest option, you can easily see pictures and videos, which will be voted for and the winner is rewarded by the AdultFriendFinder management team. Standard members have limited access, while Gold members have full access to contests.


• AdultFriendFinder has fetish and BDSM chat room, which stimulates imagination.
• The price is reasonable, and the features are quite diverse
• Get your fantasies come true with millions of private videos being shared on this site.
• Unlike the other dating sites that have limitations, AdultFriendFinder allows you to hook up with different couples and singles from all over the world.


• It lacks an Android version.
• In some cases, you will take a whole lot of time to find a partner, beating the whole logic of dating sites.


AdultFriendFinder lacks the professionalism that is expected in a specialized fetish site. As such, you may end up spending so much time on the site trying to find an ideal partner. There are over 50 million members, and this means that you can have all your fetish fantasies fulfilled. You can hook up with different types of people who are into fetish dating. Whether you are looking for group sex, swap dating or any other form of BDSM dating, this is the right place.

Ideally, if you are curious about fetish hookup, this is one of the best places to learn as much as you can. You will be able to find a funny and fulfilling partner for sexual fetishes. If you want to meet fetish couples or singles that are into kinky dating, this would be an ideal place.



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