TOP 5 - Best Fetish Dating Sites Reviews | Kinky and BDSM Dating Guide for All Fetish Couples and Singles

Each of us has a kink or fetish, a sexual fantasy we would like to experience, so don’t be afraid to admit it.
Kinks, fetishes, and everything else included in the BDSM category are precisely the spices we need in the bedroom, to make thing unforgettable.
But where can we find those partners that will agree to what we have in mind and will be willing to spend the night together with no strings attached?
You should know that there are fetish sites out there that bring together people interested in various kinks and other aspects connected to the BDSM community.
The biggest risk when wishing to enjoy fetish dating online is to come across a scammer, a person with a fake profile that will try to take advantage of you.
Okay, so which of the fetish sites to pick? Well, this is why we are here.
We put together whit website so you can have all the information you need about fetish sites. We manually selected the top fetish dating sites for you, by creating an account of each of them in order to try their services out and share with you our experiences.
Because we are also part of the BDSM community, we knew what to look for and what type of information to offer you, in order to allow you a safe endeavor on the land of intimate pleasures and fantasies.
So, no need to wait any longer, because on our site you will find in-depth reviews about fetish dating sites and a comprehensive guide for fetishes, kinky stuff, and BDSM dating. We have a lot of fun, so now it’s your turn.

#1 was the first fetish dating site that was released. It was released in 1997 and was a professional service for people who were into BDSM and fetish. Today, is not only the best fetish website online; it also is leading website for BDSM dating and kinky dating. The success and popularity of “Fifty Shades of Grey” led to people around the world being more open-minded about kinks and fetishes. Today, there are people from all around the world on, and the site now offers its service in different languages. ...



AdultFriendFinder is one of the largest adult dating sites in the world. The world has become liberal, and as such, fetish sites have been on the rise. But AdultFriendFinder has so many amazing features that make it stand out from the rest. If you are interested in fetish dating, this is the right place to find your partner, since there are over 50 million people with diverse interests. The singles, as well as couples who are looking for fetish hookups, will find this to be the best option. All your fantasies will be fulfilled through this site. ...


Basing on traffic and popularity, comes in at 3rd on the rank of the best fetish dating sites in the world. This is so because the site is not only convenient to use, but it also has very useful features that make navigation a tad easier for its members. There is also a good number of singles who are into BDSM and other sexual fetishes, which gives members a wide variety of options to choose from. Because of convenience, impressive features and a number of good looking, adventurous kinky sex singles ...

#4 is the largest fetish social network in the world because it offers its services for free, so this way it managed to attract an incredible number of users in time. Just like on Facebook, people can share their photos and activities here and make new friends every single day. You could easily find an online fetish community or fetish group that matches your interests on this site. But when it comes to a real date, you need to spend more time to really get to know the person you want to meet. ..

#5 is one of the oldest fetish dating sites in the online environment. Struggling in the kinky dating market for more than 10 years, it managed to attract during its entire activity more than 1 million fetish singles and couples. If you are looking to find a BDSM or fetish date, this is the place to start looking. But it has never been a well-known website due to the simple features available here and it’s rather slowly updating. We would have liked to see more features and faster services in order to offer this kink site a better ranking. ...

Being Proactive About Safety in the Online Fetish World

As you wet your lips while scrolling past profile after profile of potential matches that like to play in the exact same way that you do, it can be easy to forget that there can be some dangerous aspects to seeking out others online, regardless if you are straight vanilla or heavily into a sexual fetish. Safety needs to always be your No.1 concern, and sometimes our fetishes make us a little more vulnerable to certain types of abuse, both physical and emotional. Consider these important safety tips when finding a partner online.

Stay incognito until you are ready to meet.

Yes, you want to post a picture. But please, make sure the pictures that you post were taken for online dating only. A simple google image search can come up with all sorts of personal deets if it matches the photo you shared with one from a different online location. Also, don’t give up the deets about your last name, place of employment or details about where you live that would give someone enough clues to find you without your permission.

Think twice about friending.

Whether it be on Facebook, Instagram or snapchat, use caution when friending online acquaintances, or at least limit what they can see of your profile until you know them a little better.

Set clear limits about your fetish play BEFORE you meet

Fetishes that involve domination can become an open door for abuse if you hook up with the wrong person. You also never know if your partner might be triggered and distressed by certain actions on your part. Have clear boundaries and an agreeance of safe words and other measures to protect both of you.


When the time comes that you do consider meeting up and you begin to share personal information, take the chance to do a little detective work of your own. Google their name, look at their address history to see if reality matches up to their story. Pay a couple of dollars for a criminal background check and image search their picture. It is important to know if they have been truthful, or if they are living an alternate reality life with you as one of the characters. We want you to enjoy your experience, but you can only do that if you are safe. Always, always put your safety first.